3 TV series similar to Outer Banks

Those who have seen Outer Banks on Netflix and miss it can find many similar TV series streaming: here are three titles not to be missed

Outer Banks is one of the many TV series churned out by Netflix in recent years. It mixes teen drama with action and the paradoxical. The first two seasons are available on the streaming platform, but the open ending gives hope for the arrival of a third chapter. The plot of Outer Banks is centered around the Pogues.

They are a group of teenagers living in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. The teens live in the most isolated and poor part of the town, where crimes and borderline situations are the order of the day. John B is the leader and for the past nine months has lost his father, who disappeared while searching for a phantom treasure. The boy sets out to find both the treasure and his father and convinces his friends to follow him. Da qui parte una storia adrenalinica, fatta di sfide, drammi, problemi adolescenziali, dipendente e un futuro sempre più incerto. La serie tv ha appassionato una grossa fetta di pubblico, che dopo la fine della seconda stagione si sente un po’ orfano. Ma niente paura: si possono guardare tante serie tv simili a Outer Banks nelle diverse piattaforme di streaming.

The Order su Netflix

The Order, proprio come Outer Banks, è una serie tv incentrata sul mistero, che vede come protagonisti un gruppo di giovani. Al centro della trama c’è la matricola del college Jack Morton. Il ragazzo entra in una società segreta chiamata The Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose. Viene catapultato all’interno di un ordine segreto e paranormale, fatto di mostri e magia. Man mano, Jack approfondisce il legame tra la sua famiglia e l’organizzazione segreta e partecipa alla battaglia tra lupi mannari ed esperti in arti oscure. Those who love teen drama, mixed with action and a touch of science fiction, will love this TV series.

The Order consists of two seasons and is available on Netflix.

The Wilds on Amazon Prime Video

The Wilds, instead of the tropical beaches of the Outer Banks, is set on a desert island. Despite this minor difference, the two shows are similar. The plot of The Wilds is typical of survival shows, dominated without a doubt by Lost. The plot is centered on the events of a group of boys who are shipwrecked on a deserted island and must face a series of challenges, many of them deadly. A twist will change their fortunes. But to find out more you need to log on to Amazon Prime Video.

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Panic on Amazon Prime Video

The third series that might appeal to Outer Banks fans is Panic. Again, we're talking about a teen drama, focusing on the sadistic games of a small Texas town. Challenges look a lot like those of the Hunger Games: every summer undergraduates must take part in a no-holds-barred battle, which rewards a winner with 50 thousand dollars. The protagonists must figure out whether it's worth continuing or looking for a less tragic alternative, especially after the deaths of two players. To understand how the plot evolves, you need to connect to Amazon Prime Video.

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