CES 2021: the new rollable smartphones by LG and TCL

While waiting for the foldable smartphones to overcome their problems of ease and impose themselves on the market, the eastern technology bigwigs have already prepared the next novelty: devices that can be rolled up.

At CES 2021, smartphones with new rollable displays are on stage. To present you not one but two different manufacturers, LG and TCL that, on the occasion of the presentation of their interventions, wanted to put the emphasis on the new frontier of cell phones, discovering the cards of what could be the future of telephony.

Filled with conferences, all in a completely digital format due to the Covid-19 pandemic that still grips the entire globe, the 2021 edition of the Consumer Electronics Show began only yesterday and has already launched the first clues as to what path many companies might pursue to keep up with the times. That of the rollable screens, of course, is a challenge in terms that goes to add to that of the foldable screens, one of the most talked about trend in recent months and that has already seen several interesting examples, passed from theory to practice, up to the actual launch on the market with a good response from the public.

CES 2021, the rollable display of LG

For LG the next displays could be rollable, just like those shown in the video of the press conference completely dedicated to the next innovations. Obviously, the one presented at CES is a concept, called for the moment "LG Rollable", and not a finished product ready for launch on the market.

The one shown by the South Korean company will not necessarily be the one that will end up in the hands of consumers but, for sure, has succeeded in moving the waters and create an aura of curiosity around this specimen that goes right to add to those that the company has collected under the name of "Explorer Project", or new ideas for a completely innovative user experience. In the same project, for example, falls LG Wing, the smartphone with wings.

With "LG Rollable" the company focuses on two key features: the ability to take advantage of a larger screen, with a diagonal larger than in the past, without sacrificing the practicality of use. To do so, however, has chosen a form factor completely different from what we've seen recently, although it was known for some time the desire to turn on a rollable display that can reduce even more the size of the device.

CES 2021, the rollable display of TCL

It was not only LG, however, to show off a more concrete example of what could be the new era of smartphones. In fact, even TCL wanted to have its say by presenting its own alternative. Also in the case of the Chinese manufacturer, it was a concept: a 6.7-inch rollable screen, made with AMOLED technology.

As pointed out during the CES 2021 speech, the development of alternatives to traditional screens is crucial for TCL. In fact, for the Huizhou-based company, the new format could also find use outside of smartphones, i.e. on other devices that could benefit from a larger screen size while still maintaining a small footprint.