Elite 4, when does the new season of the Netflix TV series start

Netflix has announced the arrival of new episodes of the Spanish TV series: but when will we be able to watch the new season? Here's all the news leaked so far

Elite is one of Netflix's most popular TV series and is available on the platform until its third season, often appearing among the most watched content by users around the world. Fans now await the release of the fourth season and the evolution of the plot.

The TV series tells the story of a group of teenagers who attend a prestigious Spanish private high school, called Las Encinas. Here the scions of rich families meet and the episodes are an opportunity to talk about their lives, but also about issues related to young people: from sexuality to racism, to religious faith but also economic inequality. In addition, each season is characterized by a crime and you investigate to understand who committed it and how it came to be. These are the ingredients that make the TV series very exciting. And now there are plenty of clues that bode well for a fourth season.

Elite 4: clues about the fourth season

Elite 4 could soon be available on Netflix. In fact, the video streaming service has announced the renewal of the TV series for May 22, through a video in which the protagonists are filmed directly: Guzmán, Ander, Samuel, Omar, Cayetana and Rebeka reveal to the public that they have read the new scripts and can't wait to come back.

But the news doesn't end there: according to the website Bluper, Netflix would also be willing to produce the fifth season of the TV series created by Carlos Montero and Darío Madrona. Moreover, to shorten the waiting time, the video streaming service would shoot the last seasons together. Despite this, it is still unknown when they could finish filming, which was stopped after only one day from the beginning, due to a Coronavirus contagion within the cast. On the other hand, because of the pandemic many productions are stopped, waiting for the situation to improve. In light of this, probably the fourth season of Elite will be released in the spring of 2021.

The plot of Elite 4: what will it be about?

The loyal audience already knows: the cast of the TV series will be slightly changed and then in the fourth season we will meet new faces that will relate between those who remained in the desks of the prestigious high school. It is not yet known how the new episodes will evolve, also because the third season has closed several loose ends, many guys have left the scene and many doubts have been resolved. In particular, the case of the death of Polo (Álvaro Rico) was solved and many characters graduated leaving the scene.

During the final episode, however, it was decided to give some anticipation: it makes a huge leap forward and shows the beginning of the new school year, where we find several familiar faces.

In short, even in the fourth season Elite will not disappoint its fans. Meanwhile, you can watch the already released episodes: just subscribe and connect to Netflix and search for the title of the TV series. It will automatically start the first episode of the first season.