Facebook Lite, dark mode arrives: how to activate it

Dark mode has appeared on Facebook Lite: users can activate it by going into Settings. Here's how to do it

It should be a done deal by now. Night mode could land on Facebook any moment now. But not on the version of the app used by millions of people, but on Facebook Lite. For those who don't know it, this is a "light" version of Facebook that occupies only 9 megabytes and offers a few less features. Facebook Lite is designed for developing countries where users use smartphones with less memory.

The dark mode was announced last fall by the Menlo Park giant during the last F8 conference in San Francisco and, it seems, is ready to land on our electronic devices.

The testing phase had begun during the month of October, but now the developers have decided to release it on Facebook Lite. This should presage its arrival soon on the "normal" version of the Facebook app as well. The new feature has been added inside the hamburger menu dedicated to Settings: just activate the dedicated toggle to color the app black.

How to activate dark mode on Facebook Lite

A novelty that surely makes users who use the social network's app happy, although it is reserved only for those who have Facebook Lite installed. The dark mode has appeared in the last few hours to those who have updated the app. In Settings there is a new entry dedicated specifically to dark mode. Just activate the toggle next to the option to enable dark mode and radically transform the app.

When dark mode arrives on Facebook

The arrival of dark mode on the Facebook Lite app should herald the arrival of the same feature on the "normal" version of the social network app. There is no confirmation on this, the only thing that is certain is that the developers are working to make it available as soon as possible.