WhatsApp, how to activate dark mode

Dark mode has been released on WhatsApp: here's how to activate it and what changes on the messaging app

The dark mode of WhatsApp is finally available. After months of indiscretions, rumors, denials, errors, bugs, the messaging app finally has one of the most anticipated features of recent years. The release for the moment has occurred only for the beta version of WhatsApp for Android (2.20.13), but in the coming hours, days or weeks should also be released for the iPhone beta version. For the official release, however, you have to wait a little longer: if the tests are positive, WhatsApp technicians will make it available for everyone.

As you could imagine, the work done by developers has been really good: just change a simple setting of the app to change the color of your WhatsApp. In the Chat section, the "Theme" item has been added with two options: Light (the classic WhatsApp theme) and Dark (the new one). What are the differences? You only need to use WhatsApp for five minutes to understand that the only changes concern the colors: white is replaced by a dark gray, while where the white font was present, it has been replaced by black. The chat box, on the other hand, is dark green. Here's how to activate WhatsApp's dark mode on your Android smartphone.

WhatsApp, night mode: what changes and how to use it

Before explaining how to activate dark mode on WhatsApp, it's necessary to explain what it is. Dark mode is a feature that completely changes the appearance of the application: light colors are replaced by black (in general by darker colors). There are two main reasons for this: night mode makes your eyes less tired at night and saves battery power on smartphones with AMOLED screens. Present now on all major applications, WhatsApp was one of the last still not to have it.

For the moment the dark mode of WhatsApp has been released only for the beta version of WhatsApp, the number 2.20.13. To see it on the official version we will have to wait a little longer. If you are enrolled in the beta program of the application, just update it, access the WhatsApp settings and press on Chat. On the page that opens, you'll find the new item "Theme" and clicking on it will bring up a menu with two options: "Light" and "Dark". Selecting Dark will activate WhatsApp's night mode.

How to download WhatsApp beta version

If you don't want to wait for the official release and you're not subscribed to the application's beta program, you have no choice but to download WhatsApp's APK file to preview dark mode. Before downloading the application and installing it, we suggest you back up and make sure you have saved all your images, videos and media content. You can download the APK of WhatsApp with dark mode here. Do this only if you are sure of what you are doing.