How to activate dark mode on iPhone

With the new release of the bitten apple operating system, dark mode is also introduced. Here's how it works and how to activate it

Of the various new features that Apple developers have introduced with iOS 13, one of the most important is definitely the native dark mode for iPhone. One of the biggest trends in the mobile world (Instagram, WhatsApp and Google Maps are introducing it, just to name three), dark mode provides several benefits to users.

First of all, it allows you to strain your eyes less, also reducing the amount of blue light emitted from the screen and thus allowing you to sleep better. And that's not all: the dark mode, in fact, goes perfectly with the OLED screens of the latest iPhone models launched on the market: the pixels "colored" black OLED panels, in fact, do not consume energy, thus allowing you to consume less battery and extend the battery life of the iPhone. In short, a useful trick to use when you run out of battery and you have no way to recharge your iPhone.

How does the dark mode of the iPhone work

Because it is a "native" feature of the operating system, the dark mode introduced with iOS 13 will not only change the display settings of the main screens of the iPhone. Apple's dark mode will be automatically applied to all the apps installed on the device as well, thus giving a unique user experience.

How to set dark mode on iPhone

First of all, you need to make sure that you already have the new iOS 13 operating system installed. After that, just go into the "Settings" section and select the "Screen and Brightness" item. In the screen that opens, click on the "Appearance" item and immediately activate the dark mode by acting on the "switches". In addition, from this same window, you can set a series of parameters such as automatic mode, or program the so-called "Night Shift"

The first allows you to switch from a classic light theme to a dark one depending on the time of day or night: the second, however, allows you to always automatically change the color spectrum of the screen by bringing out the warm tones resulting in less eyestrain, as well as a better quality of sleep if you use the smartphone in bed before sleeping. Night Shift can be set according to a specific time or directly from sunset to sunrise with the Night Shift option.