Facebook Messenger: here are the Instant Games to challenge friends

On the instant messaging service you can play 17 different titles, including classics like Pac-Man or Space Invaders, without having to download them

Chatting on Messenger is convenient and fast, but often between groups with too many notifications and friends who respond slowly there is also the risk of getting bored. To get around this problem, Facebook has decided to include Instant Games within its instant messaging service.

On Facebook Messenger, games are coming.

Great classics like Pac-Man or Space Invaders are ready to be played with a simple tap on the Facebook chat service. There will be no need to download them because it will be possible to play them directly from Messenger. As they are built in HTML5 mobile web standards. We can challenge our friends and share our best results with them. The service has been launched in 30 countries, including Italy, on both iOS and Android. At the moment it is possible to play 17 different titles developed by classic names like Bandai Namco, Konami and Taito, as well as more recent studios like Zynga and King.

A project that may change the concept of Social Games

(The video in the opening is taken from Facebook)

Currently the developers who are investing in Facebook Messenger Instant Games have no direct revenues. As there are no ads, sponsorships or external parts and levels of the game for free for users to buy. In the very near future, however, both ads and purchasable aspects should be included. This is a very important project for Facebook. For years the social network has been one of the reference points for fast-paced games, especially strategy games with the necessary interaction of one's friends. With the advent of mobile, however, Facebook games had lost a lot of appeal. Now the social network is trying again and the project could be a great success.

The list of games will increase

Currently the games present are very simple and fast. Also because they have to be played in a short time. Despite this, the interaction and quality of some titles can also create a certain addiction, and an increasing number of users. As also demonstrated by the tests made by the social before the launch. And Facebook promises that soon the number of available games will increase. At the moment you can play: Pac-Man, EverWing, Galaga, Space Invaders, Templar 2048, Shuffle Cats Mini, Track & Field 100M, Hex FRVR, 2020 Connect, Brick Pop, ZooKeeper, Bust-A-Move Blitz, Wordsalot, The Tribez: Puzzle Rush, Arkanoid, Endless Lake, Words With Friends Frenzy.

(The video in the opening is taken from Facebook)

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