Facebook Messenger stops working April 1 on these phones

New features enabled by the Facebook app are not compatible with older versions of some operating systems, especially Windows Phone 8.1

Facebook is bidding its own personal farewell to older versions of various operating systems. Among them is Windows Phone 8.1. This is no small problem for Microsoft's mobile users, since at the moment less than 50% have upgraded to Windows 10 on their smartphones.

For the rest of the users from the end of March, the Facebook application will no longer be compatible. This is yet another hard blow for Windows Phone 8.1. The old version of Microsoft's mobile operating system has been suffering several major farewells in recent times. A problem increased by the non-universal availability of Windows 10 on Microsoft's home devices. Obviously, Messenger will also no longer be available. The decision taken by Facebook will also affect older versions of Android and iOS.

Facebook's farewell

A painful but inevitable choice: many of the features used now on the platform are not compatible with older versions of various operating systems, including Windows Phone 8.1. Facebook said it wants to focus solely on Windows 10, in its mobile and desktop device versions. Facebook advises users who cannot upgrade to the latest version of the operating system to switch to using the social via browser. A solution that virtually every developer who is leaving Windows phones is providing. An aspect that certainly does not coincide with a good user experience and that will put Microsoft in front of some important choices.

The old Android and iOS versions

Facebook, as an application, will no longer be available, as mentioned, even on some Android versions. These include Facebook for Android v55, released on November 16, 2015, and all previous versions. And also V10 Messenger, released on August 14, 2014, and the various previous versions. While on iOS devices, the decision covers: Facebook for iPad V26, released on October 10, 2011, V8 Messenger, released on July 14, 2014, Facebook for iOS, released on October 10, 2011, and all previous versions.