Google doesn’t share with Apple what data is collected by its apps

The new privacy management for iOS apps is causing several stomachaches: why hasn't Google updated its apps in over a month?

For about a month now, Google hasn't updated its apps on Apple's App Store. In addition to all the problems that are inevitably related to the lack of updates for Mountain View's apps, some of the most widely used, the situation is rooted in an even more thorny issue: the lack of information from Big G about the user data that is collected by its apps.

It's since December 7 that Google hasn't proceeded to make any kind of update to the large number of apps available on Apple's virtual store. The date, however, wasn't chosen at random: it's since December 8, 2020 that Cupertino's headquarters has chosen to add a short summary sheet to each app's page, with clear and precise information on the type of data collected during the use made by users. The introduction came along with iOS 14 and, starting from the day in question, all developers who have updated their products have been required to provide more information to protect end users.

Google on App Store, no privacy information 

For each application, Apple has taken steps to require particularly detailed information on privacy procedures. It requires developers to disclose how data is used and what the purposes are, from tracking to advertising, analytics or product customization.

In particular, this includes data that may be used for user tracking in apps and websites owned by third-party companies, such as contact information and identifiers, and data linked directly to the user that could be collected and linked to the user's identity, such as contacts and identifiers, search history or usage data, location, contact, financial, and even sensitive information.

When will the updates come?

If the introduction of this change has caused quite a stir in Facebook, resulting in a heated - and quick - clash between the social network and the company, Google has preferred to nip any problems in the bud by pausing the updates of its apps. As the privacy crunch came into effect, Big G chose to make a massive update of its creatures, taking all the time necessary to proceed with the compilation of the tabs.

As many know, although Google has a very close relationship with user data and consequently with advertising profiling, Mountain View has adopted and published very detailed policies for its services, leaving little to the imagination. According to a Google spokesperson, however, all the integrations to the Apple tabs should arrive soon, in the order of the next two weeks. With them, then, the applications could also bring with them new updates, particularly awaited by users of the bitten apple.