Google Pixel 5, unveiled the official features

The Pixel will have a 5.78-inch screen and a Snapdragon 765 processor. The rear cameras will be only two

The Google Pixel 5 is coming, as evidenced by the increasingly frequent leaks and repeated rumors about Google's new smartphone. The online store based in Lithuania Pigtou, no stranger to scoops like this, in collaboration with leaker David Kowalski (@xleaks7 on Twitter), has published what could be the render of the final Pixel 5.

The render shows a Pixel a bit 'new and a bit' already seen, with some details that will not make happy some users. In any case, if these images will be confirmed by the final product, Google will show once again to follow very little of the latest fashions and to make choices in total autonomy even at the cost of taking some criticism. In essence, however, the Pixel 5 is very similar to the Pixel 4 in the rear while it is quite different in the front but has two features that are making a lot of discussion, both related to biometric authentication: a fingerprint sensor "old-fashioned", ie positioned in the rear, and a single camera lens in the front notch, so no three-dimensional unlocking with the face.

Pixel 5: What it looks like

The Pixel 5 will be a smartphone with a 5.78-inch QHD screen with OLED technology. The screen is different from previous Pixels: there is no longer the classic bezel but the display is practically full screen, except for a small notch hole in the upper right corner that houses the camera. But that, apparently, does not house the 3D radar. Behind, however, the Pixel 5 is virtually identical to its predecessor and even has the fingerprint sensor that, despite the screen being OLED, is not integrated into the display. A solution that is causing much discussion.

At the back we find a photo department consisting of two cameras and two LED flash. The choice of only two cameras surprises only those who do not know what Google is able to do with AI applied to photos. The dimensions of this smartphone, which should be equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 765 SoC flanked by 6 GB of RAM and 64 GB of ROM, will almost certainly be equal to 144.6×70.4×8 mm (counting also the bumper of the cameras the thickness rises to 9.5 mm).

Pixel 5: criticism

Ancient before being officially presented, this Google Pixel is already raising doubts and controversy. If what we've seen in the renderings will be confirmed, in fact, on the Pixel 5 there will be two big steps backward compared to the Pixel 4 and the average of modern mid-range smartphones.

The first is the fingerprint sensor that, we don't know for what reason, Google has chosen to place behind and not under the screen. The second is the lack of 3D unlocking with the face, due to the absence of the radar that was previously placed inside the large front bezel.