Google Viaggi, the app to organize low cost trips

Google Viaggi is the new app for travel enthusiasts and allows you to organize every detail of your low cost vacation. Find out how it works

The travel industry has had a huge boost with the digital revolution: you can now book a flight or hotel with your smartphone or explore a foreign city with the help of a digital guide. In light of this, Google, which is always attentive to the needs of users, has thought of a new service.

The company has launched Google Travels, a new app for organizing low-cost travel that aims to combine several similar services, such as Google Hotels or Google Flights, which respectively allow you to search for hotels and airline flights around the world. The application will allow you to organize a trip in its entirety: just choose a destination and the type of accommodation you want, but you can also contact a tour guide or decide other options.

Google Travel: the features of the new app

The new service of the Mountain View company can be reached at On the home screen you are greeted by various travel tips, such as popular destinations or potential trips. The latter are suggested based on the user's searches, so the home page is completely personalized. In a central position, a search bar naturally stands out, where you can find flights, hotels and much more. In addition, there is a side menu composed of four icons: explore, travel, flights and hotels. By choosing the various components, you'll get step by step to build the trip.

You can book everything online and once the process is finished you'll have all the receipts, tickets, confirmation codes and other documents you'll need during the itinerary. You can also search for weather based on the time of your trip and destination.

Integration with Google Maps

Google Maps has also been integrated with this service. And it can come in handy on many occasions, for example if you've booked a restaurant but don't know the way. The app in this case, in addition to guiding you to your destination, will also show you what time the table is booked for and also the confirmation receipt. Maps can also be used to explore the surroundings of the tourist destination: in fact, this service is incorporated into Google Travel, with which it aligns perfectly to make the tourist experience even more satisfying.

Organizing a low cost trip

Another interesting new feature is related to flight prices. Hardened travelers know that fares tend to change all the time. The application allows you to track particular routes in order to keep an eye on the evolution of prices, and book when they are most convenient. So this service turns out to be very interesting for those who want to plan a low-cost trip.

Google Travel is constantly being updated: the company has not yet specified how the web version will impact the application, but said that all features will be accessible via Google Maps within a few months.