Google WiFi in Italy: how the router of Big G works

Google has launched on the Italian market the new Google Wi-Fi, a tool to improve the home Internet connection. Here's how it works and how much it costs

After revolutionizing many small aspects to create a series of devices for smart homes, such as for example the voice assistant Google Home or the Chromecast for quick mirroring between the various devices in the home, Mountain View is launching Google WiFi to revolutionize our Internet connections as well.

Google WiFi, now also available on the Italian market, is a router compatible with mesh protocols and able to improve Wi-Fi reception throughout the home environment. This means that thanks to this tool our wireless devices will surf the Internet at maximum speed in every corner of our homes, even in the garden or garage. In addition, Google WiFi allows a management of the connection divided by individual device that can be managed through the convenient application for smartphones and tablets. This means that with just a few taps on our devices we'll improve, optimize and make our home or office Wi-Fi network more stable.

How does Google Wi-Fi work

How does Google Wi-Fi improve our home connection? Simple, because this new tool from Mountain View uses Mesh technology, which integrates the signal of various hotspots into a single network, thus improving the overall signal coverage in our home. Beware though, this doesn't mean that if we need to cover a very large apartment we'll just have to buy one Google Wi-Fi. To reach a garden, an outbuilding detached from the house or a garage may need to buy more than one Google Wi-Fi. The new smart-home tool from Mountain View, in fact, should not be thought of as a Wi-Fi extender, but as a router system that creates a more powerful and stable home Wi-Fi.

Price and availability in Italy of Google Wi-Fi

On the Italian market Google Wi-Fi is available from June 26, 2018 at a price of 139 euros. You can buy it on Google Store online or on Amazon. In physical stores you can find it in major electronics chains and also in TIM centers. If we plan to buy more than one at the moment is available a launch offer: three Google Wi-Fi for 359 euros.