MoverKit, the wearable for children that can be built like Lego

MoverKit has the ultimate goal of helping the development of creativity in young children and to do so it uses applications and fun games

One of the main criticisms of technology is that it often blocks the creativity of people, especially children. According to many, having "everything ready" would not allow the proper development of imagination. Here then is the first wearable for children that stimulates their creativity.

Do you remember the human body to build with the various releases on newsstands? MoverKit, the wearable for creative kids, works in much the same way. There is no need to go to the newsagent, but the child can recreate his own wearable. Following a few guidelines, but above all giving vent to his imagination. MoverKit, through a simple interface, allows children to create their own applications to play. Both digital and analog. Apps that can then be shared with friends.

Create games and apps

The apps and games that can be created are virtually endless, since in addition to the wearable you can also buy a series of kits to implement different features. For example, there's a kit for creating plasticine spaghetti that can be used to design fun lights. Then there is a kit to amplify and modify sounds and voice. And finally, there's a kit that even older children will like that's useful for recreating a Nintendo-style console. The wearable in its version without additional kit costs €79.99, while MoverKit with two packages included for games and apps costs about €129.99.