GTA 6 could be a temporary exclusive for PS5

A temporary exclusive release on PS5 before arriving on other platforms: how much could GTA 6 cost Sony

Thirty days of exclusivity, where only those who have a PlayStation 5 will be able to buy and play the long-awaited GTA 6. The temporary exclusivity will then allow Sony to increase sales of its PS5, since initially the game will only be available for its console coming in the coming months. These are the rumors chasing each other in the last hours: Sony is in talks with Rockstar Games to get the temporary exclusivity for GTA VI.

Although the PS5 exclusivity of Grand Theft Auto VI should only be temporary, coming out 30 days earlier than other consoles and PC, the effects on the market could be profound. The temporary exclusive release could attract the attention of GTA fans, willing to switch to PS5 in order to play their favorite video game in preview. A move that would also affect the sale of the new Sony console, with a potential economic return for the huge investment of 750 million dollars to grab the deal with Rockstar Games.

GTA 6 temporary exclusive for PS5

For months there have been rumors of an agreement between Sony and Rockstar Games for the exclusive launch of GTA 6 on PS5. In recent days the rumors have returned more and more insistent, especially after the statements of the YouTuber Foxy Games UK, according to which the company that produces the PlayStation is willing to pay a large sum. If the agreement is confirmed, Sony will pay 750 million dollars to secure the temporary exclusivity. A huge amount of money, if compared to the $75 million that Microsoft paid for GTA 4 not to be an exclusive for PS3. At the moment, these are only rumors and nothing has been confirmed, since the PS5 will not be released before November 2020. Also, there are still no big rumors about the upcoming GTA 6. For confirmations and official news, we'll have to wait again.