How to Choose a Printer

Printers are mainly divided into two major families: laser and ink. Laser printers are suitable for offices, ink printers for home use

Home or office, for fun or for work. Everyone needs a printer sooner or later. Buying one is an excellent solution. But which is the best one to buy? There are many features to consider before buying a printer. A lot depends on our needs.

Let's start by saying that the printer market today is diverse. There are a myriad of devices divided by features and price. So, for a user without any particular knowledge, it is not at all easy to find your way around and choose a printer with your eyes closed. However, these objects are so widespread that it is possible to find them in the classic specialized stores, online and in large supermarkets. Considering that inside the offices it is necessary to have a more performing printer we see the tips to buy one without spending too much.

Ink or laser

The first real dilemma is choosing between a laser or ink printer. For home use, it is preferable to buy an ink printer: the cost is lower, although the quality and speed of printing are lower than laser printers. Usually, peripherals laser are more common in offices, especially if you print many sheets during the day. In addition to providing a much faster printing speed, they allow you to amortize the cost within a few months. Compared to ink printers, laser printers have cartridges (toners) that guarantee a longer life span.

Printers for photos

Let's say we are passionate about photography and we want to buy a device to print our shots. We don't want to give up a certain quality but we also don't want to spend a fortune on overly professional items. What to do? Fortunately, on the market there are several printers specialized and designed solely for the realization of photos. On the market there are several models, where we will be able to choose between the size of the printed photos and color quality. It must be said that a printer for photos has a higher cost than a "classic" ink printer, and above all, quite high running costs, given the massive consumption of the cartridge for colors.

Cost of cartridges

This aspect is fundamental. Many manufacturers sell very cheap printers, even under 50 euros. Buying such a solution often means spending a lot of money to refill the cartridges. Sometimes even more than the initial cost of the machine. At this point then it is better to buy a slightly more expensive printer but with compatible cartridges cheap enough.