How to create emoji with a selfie

Google has added a new feature within its Gboard keyboard to create emoji using selfies taken with your smartphone

To communicate on messaging apps or various social media we use emoji on a daily basis. That is, the cute little faces that can express various moods or represent almost any object by now. However, these are standard emoticons chosen by others for us, with little freedom left to users. In the last period, however, things have changed: smartphones have arrived that can make emoji based on people's faces.

On its keyboard app, Gboard, Google has included a new feature that allows us to open our smartphone's front-facing camera to create funny and entertaining emoji simply using our facial expressions. Google's app uses artificial intelligence to recognize our mood and creates custom stickers that we can send to friends on WhatsApp or use to make our posts on Facebook or Instagram funnier. The custom stickers within Gboard are identified as Mini emoji: here's how to use them on our smartphone, both Android and iPhone.

How to use emoji on Google's Gboard

How do we use Google's artificial intelligence emoji? Very simple, first we have to download from the App Store or Play Store the Google Gboard keyboard. Which works safely on both iPhone and Android. Then we go in the settings of our device and set the Gboard as the main keyboard of the smartphone. When we start typing we will notice the emoji icon next to the space bar, and we must press on it. In the tab that opens we select the item Stickers (square icon with a sticky face). Then among the various options on the left we press on Mini to open the function of custom emoji created with our face. After that, all we have to do is tap on Create to start creating an emoji with our face. Let's take a selfie with the expression we prefer, angry, happy or sad. At this point we'll have to wait for the artificial intelligence to do its work and transform us into an emoticon. Once the process is complete we'll be able to edit the emoji by adding details, such as glasses, tears, different hair and so on. The emoji once ready will be saved in the catalog where the other emoticons are and we'll just have to select it to send it to our friends on WhatsApp or social media. If by chance we do not see this feature on our smartphone is possible that we have not updated the Gboard application. To update it all we have to do is go to the App Store or Play Store, depending on the phone we own, and from the section dedicated to installed apps update the Google keyboard.