How to play with Google’s Halloween doodle

Big G has made a spooky game to make you spend the time between you and the Halloween party in the best possible way

It's just a little while before Halloween and, in case you don't know how to pass the time before going to celebrate with your friends, Google is ready to run to your rescue. As per tradition, the developers of the search engine have created a new video game hidden inside the Doodle (in case you don't know what a doodle is, it's easy to say: they are the images that replace the Google logo during special events and holidays such as Halloween, for example)

Unlike past years, however, this is a multiplayer game. That is to say, you won't challenge the "usual" artificial intelligence, but you'll have to get the better of flesh and blood people connected from who knows where in the world. Not only that, but you can also challenge your friends, creating a private game and using Big G's servers to see who is the best among you. As always, play with Google doodle for Halloween: it will take only ten seconds to start the first game and spend time waiting for the party to begin.

How to play Google doodle for Halloween

The game proposed by Google developers is very similar to Slither.Io, a hybrid between Pac Man and Snake in which you have to "chase" other snakes present within the framework and try to "eat" them starting from the tail. In this way, in fact, you will consume your opponent's body and lengthen your own. To be able to grow, you can also eat the flames that a fatuous fire, from time to time, will spread inside the painting. When your spirit has a sufficiently long tail, return to the base to secure your "conquests".

As mentioned, the Google doodle for Halloween hides a multiplayer game. You'll be part of a team composed of four elements (you plus three other gamers) that will challenge another team. The team that will be able to bring the greatest number of flames to the base will win. To play you'll have to connect to, click on the small arrow in the doodle and wait for the game to load: you can either start playing with random users, or click on Create Match and invite your friends (up to a maximum of 7 other people, of course) in a challenge to the last spirit.