How to print WhatsApp messages

Do you want to print your WhatsApp messages? There are many apps that can be used on Apple or Android devices. Here's what they are and how to use them

Why limit yourself to screenshots? In some cases, printing WhatsApp messages can be much more beneficial and useful. For example, a printout can be used as an official document during a lawsuit or it could be placed in a file cabinet along with other forms to be kept. In short, having the paper format of a message is often the best solution.

Do you have this need too? There are several applications and software that allow you to turn your chat into PDF format and then reproduce the document on paper. One of them is called iMazing and can be used on iPhone, iPad and Mac. It allows you to backup even wirelessly and store all PDF documents on Apple devices, printing only what you need. If you are using an Android smartphone you can opt for Backup Text for Whats. Both solutions are easy to use.

Print WhatsApp messages with Apple

Do you have an Apple product? Whether it's iPad, iPhone or Mac you can install iMazing to print your chats. This app allows you to quickly and easily transfer documents between devices, back-up and print WhatsApp chats. After installing the app, connect your Apple devices to each other by following the instructions given by the tool. In fact, the app needs to make a backup before accessing your messages, so it will take a while to get started. To print chats from iPhone, choose what you want to save: you can select a single message or a conversation. Then click the Export button and choose how you want to export the messages. You have three options: a PDF with the same graphic layout as the chat, a text file, a CSV file that can also be opened with Excel. After selecting one of these items, choose a destination for your exports and you're done. You'll have a PDF file ready for printing. If you want to print the messages, without saving them as PDFs, just press the Print button in iMazing instead of the Export button.

Are you wondering why the Print button that usually appears among the functions of an iPhone wasn't mentioned? This button can work if you want to print only the visible part of the conversation, and not an old message, as iMazing allows you to do. The app we told you about, in addition to printing, is a complete software that can also be used to save and transfer files, music, data of any kind from one Apple device to another. It can be downloaded for $44.99 in its full version or for $69.99 to use it on up to 5 devices.

Print Whatsapp Messages with Android

If you have an Android device and want to print your WhatsApp chats, you can download the app called Backup Text for Whats that allows you to export messages and convert them to text formats: CSV, Excel, HTLM and so on. The exported files can be saved on your device or sent via email as an attachment. Again, after downloading the app, you need to back up so as to select any message to be saved within the history. After exporting the file you can quickly print it out.