Huawei P50, we finally have a date

Huawei has surprisingly announced the scheduling of an event in Europe: it will be held soon, the hypothesis on the products that could be launched

Suddenly, after weeks of silence, Huawei pulls out a date. The surprises do not end here because after a long time of absence from the Old Continent, the Shenzhen company returns to appear on the European market to launch a novelty (or more than one, who knows) technically unknown.

Huawei in fact has not distributed anything more than an image in which little information surround what has all the air of being the profile of a smartphone. There is the clear impression that the Chinese company is trying to keep the attention as high as possible, after a period of absence in the West that began to make noise, but justified by the difficulties that followed the known (and unpleasant) events with the United States, which have prohibited it from doing business with companies in stars and stripes. For this reason, for some time now, Huawei has presented a smaller number of smartphones compared to the golden age, even in the motherland, where there is a software solution to make up for the lack of Android (namely HarmonyOS 2.0) but those on the hardware front are scarce.

Date and time of the Huawei event

The poster released by Huawei to the press, as anticipated, contains just a few information. And it is simple to see: it is an image on a black background interrupted by the logo, by the only caption about the product (Launch event for a new Huawei product), by the profile of a smartphone and finally by the date, October 21 next in Vienna, Austria.

The outline information are reported by the guests: the event will begin at 3 pm Italian time and will be led by Mr. Derek Yu, the president of Huawei Consumer Business Group for Europe and Canada. So there is the appointment but we don't know yet (understandably) which product will come to light.

Probable European debut of the Huawei P50

The number one suspects are Huawei P50 and Huawei P50 Pro, made official in China at the end of July and whose arrival in Europe has so far remained uncertain. Someone, at first, crossing the period of the event (October) to the habits of Huawei in past years, speculated that it could be the Huawei Mate 50, usually presented in the fall.

It seems, however, a frankly unlikely hypothesis, since it would make little sense for the company to present a similar product first in Europe and then in China: the only market (or almost) that currently drives Huawei's smartphone business is the domestic one, where it can count on an operating system developed specifically to replace Android and on a still important market share that doesn't care about the lack of Google apps and services, since in China they are banned by the government.

In Europe, Huawei's numbers have shown that there are too many compromises for Western users to accept, and that more than a few when buying a smartphone have reluctantly discarded the possibility that it might be a Huawei. The company is evidently confident that the qualities of the P50 and P50 Pro can convince more enthusiasts than in the recent past, which is why they're coming to Europe.