Huawei smartphones, problems with WhatsApp. What’s happening

With the update to EMUI 9.1, many users report problems with the vibration motor: here's what's happening

In these days on many Huawei smartphones arrived the update to EMUI 9.1, the new version of the user interface developed by the Chinese company. In addition to minor graphical changes, the new User Interface has improved the stability of the system and made the smartphones perform better. Some users, however, have also started to report an annoying problem with the vibration of the smartphone that is activated independently, even if no notification arrives.

A bug rather annoying and that is creating several problems for users who can not manage notifications. With each vibration you check your smartphone to see if a new message has arrived on WhatsApp, Facebook, or if it's a notification from any application. After careful analysis, users have discovered what is the cause that activates the vibration motor: the double blue ticks of WhatsApp. Every time a user reads one of our messages on the messaging application, the smartphone vibrates, as if to alert the user. A kind of unnecessary double notification that only worsens the user experience.

Huawei smartphones, why the smartphone vibrates unnecessarily

The vibration motor bug seems to have only affected Huawei smartphones that have the new EMUI 9.1 installed. As anticipated, the reason for the bug seems to be WhatsApp: every time a user reads a message we sent, our phone vibrates. A useless feature that offers no advantage to users. On the contrary. Every time the smartphone vibrates, you think it is the notification of an application, but in reality it is only a "false" alert,

How to solve the problem of smartphone vibration

Waiting for the patch that will solve the bug present in EMUI 9.1, users have a double option to block the vibration engine: force WhatsApp to close in the background and disable the double blue tick.

To force WhatsApp to close, you need to go into Settings, press on Apps and Notifications and then on the "Show All Apps" item. A screen will open with the installed apps, select WhatsApp and then press on "Force Shutdown".

To disable the double blue checkmark, on the other hand, you have to open WhatsApp, press on Settings and then on Chats. Then select Privacy and disable the toggle present next to the "Read Confirmations" item. Once disabled, you won't be able to send or receive WhatsApp's double blue checkmark.