Instagram white screen problem. What’s happening and how to fix it

Because of the latest update, many users are having problems using Instagram. Here's how to solve

In the last few hours Instagram has released an update that is creating several problems: when you launch the application, after seconds it automatically closes and does not allow you to publish photos, nor to check your wall. To raise the alarm are several users on, which since yesterday are reporting the inefficiencies that they are experiencing. After updating the application, Instagram has stopped working.

The number of reports, however, is not very high, a sign that the problem does not affect all models of smartphones, but only some. For the moment, the number of reports is around 60-70 every ten minutes: we can't talk about Instagram down, but about a simple problem that the app's technicians are surely trying to solve. Most likely, in the next few hours, a software update will arrive that will solve the inefficiency and users will be able to go back to posting Instagram Stories. If you can't help but post your vacation pictures, you can use Instagram thanks to a simple trick: become a beta tester.

Instagram isn't working today August 16, what's happening

If you're having problems with Instagram, you don't have to worry, you're not the only one. Many users can't use the application properly: after launching it on the smartphone, Instagram suddenly closes showing an error message on the screen. The problem occurred after the latest update released by the developers: most likely some change in the app's code conflicts with smartphones and Instagram stops working. No communication has arrived from the app's staff, but most likely the technicians are working to solve the inefficiency as soon as possible.

How to become Instagram beta tester

If you can't do without using Instagram, there is a trick to solve the white screen problem: become a beta tester of the app. In addition to the official version of the app, there is also a beta version on the Google Play Store and the App Store, where developers test new features before releasing them for everyone. Many users these hours are becoming beta testers and are back to posting pictures of their vacations.