Telephony, new Wind Tre remodulations: which tariffs change

New things for customers with Wind Tre's bonus credit tariffs, who will no longer be able to use the bonus accrued in many ways that were customary until yesterday

Remodulations underway for Wind Tre. From October 19, the new rates come into force permanently, following the unilateral change wanted by the phone company and communicated to its customers last month. However, here's what actually changes in the phone offers with attached bonus credit.

The communications via SMS on the remodulation of Wind Tre's tariff plans were sent from last September 16, just over a month ago, at the same time as the publication of the new complete information on the company website of the telephone operator. During this period of time, all customers involved in the change had the opportunity to switch to another operator without penalty, if provided for in the contract, or exercise the right of withdrawal free of charge, all in compliance with the provisions of current legislation through the usual channels, i.e. points of sale, Customer Area or App, registered letter with return receipt or PEC and through customer support that can be reached at 159.

Remodulations Wind Tre: which tariffs are involved

As mentioned briefly, to be touched by the recent remodulation wanted by Wind Tre are customers with rates that provide the gift of bonus amounts, or credit offered for free and not purchased through recharge operation. Among those affected are also those with the active Full Wind option who, as of today and like others with bonus credit, will no longer be able to spend these sums on some of the services offered.

Wind Tre re-modulations: what the change consists of

In fact, the change is precisely in this particular way of consuming bonuses: these free sums can no longer be used to cover expenses relating to international roaming outside the European Union, for donations through SMS solidarity and voice numbers with surcharges. The same applies to VAS, value-added services, and purchases made through the WINDTRE App.

As is usual, customers who have chosen to switch to another operator could not keep their bonus credit. At the time of the transfer, therefore, customers have seen the re-credit only of the amount obtained by recharge paid on their SIM and not the free amount offered by the options of Wind Tre's tariff plans. The same applies to monetization: in fact, it was not possible to request in cash what was not used and due as a result of free offers from the operator.