IPhone, apps can show advertisements via notifications

Apple has changed the guidelines and now allows developers to send notifications to users with advertising messages

Apple opens up to advertisements in the form of notifications. If until now the impossibility of displaying strictly advertising notifications was one of the basic features of the house of the bitten apple, from now on on iPhone and iPad push notifications for advertising purposes will be a reality. This means that along with the notifications that normally come from our friends and family and that we can see from the Control Center, we will find messages and alerts about special offers related to the applications that we use the most.

The house of Cupertino has just updated its guidelines and decided to "take a cue" from one of the features most hated by Android users. On the green robot's operating system, in fact, it's been quite some time that apps can send promotional notifications to users and the thing has never been too much liked by users. The first to use the new tool was Apple itself, which in recent days has sent its users notifications about the latest products and services launched. Fortunately, in the guidelines published by the company in Cupertino is also explained the method to disable advertising notifications: here's how to do it.

Apple, advertising notifications arrive on the iPhone

Apple has always prevented from sending advertising with push notifications to its iPhone and iPad users, a real cornerstone for the house of Cupertino, at least until recently. Now things have changed and the devices risk being flooded with notifications for advertising purposes. At the beginning of March 2020 the first advertisements and promotions started to appear among the notifications, but don't worry, you can prevent this.

Apple has been clear, users can choose whether or not to display the incriminated notifications on their devices by authorizing this function or not. Plus, those who unfortunate enough to have enabled this feature can always disable it later. On the contrary, on Android, this practice has always been active with the consequence of exposing, fortunately in a few and rare cases, its users to possible cyber attacks.

How to disable advertising notifications on iPhone

As reported by Apple's official guidelines, it will be up to the user to make the final decision on adhering to this new feature using, as reported in the document, a special consent that will be displayed in each app. Not only that, but Apple will force app developers to use the Cupertino's official API in order to better collect app reviews and ratings from its customers.

Furthermore, Cupertino is keen to let us know that not all apps will have this prerogative, for example dating apps or horoscope and fortune telling apps will not enjoy this privilege as they are apps, according to Apple's own statement, that are not able to provide a unique and high quality experience.