IPhone X 2018 appears in video: how they will be

On the Internet are starting to circulate the first videos of renderings of the three new models iPhone X 2018, here's how the latest Apple smartphones will be

The time of the official launch for the new iPhone X 2018 by Apple is approaching. Cupertino, after putting aside the development of the iPhone SE 2, is expected to launch three different models in an event scheduled for the fall of this year. Meanwhile, on the Net begin to spread the first videos that explain how the new iPhone X will be.

From a clip published by the blog  Macotakara, one of the sources closest to the news of the Apple house, it is clear that the new iPhones coming out in 2018 will be three, as widely predicted. Two models will pick up the legacy of the iPhone X, with OLED screen, notch at the top and Face ID facial recognition; the third, however, will be the low-cost iPhone of 2018, and will feature a large screen (above 6 inches) with LCD panel. A rather wide offer, in short, that should be able to satisfy all palates.

The three 2018 iPhone X

From the video we can understand that the new iPhone X OLED will have the 5.8-inch screen and will be slightly larger than the previous version. The design remains almost unchanged: some changes could be made to the power and volume control buttons, while for the rest there will be no major differences. Present is the notch, with the various sensors for facial recognition.

The big news this year is the iPhone X Plus, featuring a 6.4-inch OLED screen and dimensions very similar to those of the 2017 iPhone 8 Plus. In terms of design, we find an asymmetrical speaker at the bottom while the rear camera design is the same as already seen on the 2018 iPhone X.

The 2018 iPhone X with a 6 inch LCD screen, on the other hand, is distinguished by a SIM tray located at the bottom on the side of the device. An uncommon choice. Also in the back we find a single camera. This is a slightly larger sensor than those seen on the iPhone 7.