Ligabue: 30-year career special comes out

The singer-songwriter gave a long interview in which he talks about his life and his passions. Here's when and where it will air.

Sky is dedicating a special to Luciano Ligabue, who celebrated his 30-year career in 2020. To celebrate, he released album 7, out December 4, 2020, plus a collection of 77 singles that have punctuated his life made of music. Sky TG24's deputy director Omar Schillaci interviews the singer, who talks open-heartedly about his passions: from music to Inter.

The special is entitled "Luciano Ligabue - Grande come un bambino" and is part of the "Stories" cycle of interviews with leading figures in music and entertainment produced by Sky TG24. During the conversation the topics covered are really many: he talks about the beginning of his career, how he made his first song after picking up the guitar. He tells about his childhood in the province of Emilia and also about his passion for his Inter. In short, the program will be a unique opportunity to retrace his life and get to know some exclusive anecdotes.

Interview Ligabue on Sky: what he will talk about

"I believe that beauty is a bit of a detox diet to cleanse the heart": so begins the long interview between Luciano Ligabue and the deputy director of Sky TG24, Omar Schillaci. During the conversation, the singer-songwriter retraces his thirty-year career, celebrated in 2020.

It all starts from his childhood in the heart of Emilia Romagna:

"My first five years of life were studded with health problems, then I think I made up for it a bit. I was a kid in the '60s, a time when parents didn't have to worry about you. I grew up in a small town where the countryside was only five hundred yards from the center, so I played soccer on all kinds of surfaces: backyards, gardens, cobblestones, lawns, alfalfa... And then of course blowguns and slingshots, fights with rival gangs, bike races and swimming in ditches, complete with hand fishing. A series of games that made me come home every night pleasantly exhausted, physically exhausted. I still remember that feeling of being happily physically exhausted."

Luciano Ligabue tells his story: the role of music

Naturally, music represents Ligabue's greatest passion and plays a fundamental role in the interview, where he tells about the release of the collection 77 and the new album 7. At the beginning he wrote songs that were "aping singer-songwriters" as he defined them.

One day, however, it happened that, after an evening with friends, he picked up his guitar and started composing his first real song: "Sogni di rock 'n' roll". There he understood that that was his stylistic code and he understood which road he had to take.

Ligabue and Inter

Finally, he also talks about his favourite team, which has had an enormous weight in his entire existence: "I inherited the passion for Inter from a friend who was older than me when I was five or six years old. It's a passion, I still get excited when I see a blue color and a black one, and that friend of mine, however, I thank him."

Ligabue interview: when and where to see it

"Luciano Ligabue - Grande come un bambino" will be aired Friday, February 19 at 9:00 pm on Sky TG24 and on Sky Arte Saturday, February 20 at 4:00 pm, but it will also be available on demand.

During the program it will be possible to frame with your smartphone a QR Code that will appear on the screen and that will allow access to special content.