Lucifer 7 won’t happen: here’s what protagonist Tom Ellis said

The beloved TV series born on Fox and continued on Netflix will end with the sixth season: Lucifer 7 won't happen, word of its protagonist Tom Ellis

The seventh season of the TV series Lucifer won't come, word of its protagonist: Tom Ellis. The British actor has extinguished the hopes of fans of the series, one of the most successful in recent times on Netflix, answering questions from Rob Benedict and Rochard Speight on Jr. Kings of Con: The Podcast.

Ellis, however, confirmed what was already stated by the two co-showrunners of the series, Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich: Lucifer will close its doors at the end of the sixth season, which will have 10 episodes in total. Recall that the TV series had a great success but a troubled history: created by Tom Kapinos in 2016 for Fox, it was broadcast until the third season on this TV station and then moved to Netflix, where it found new support for three more seasons. In the meantime, however, the coronavirus arrived and, today still have to be completed 8 episodes of the fifth season and all those of the sixth. Talking about a seventh season of Lucifer, therefore, seems less and less realistic.

Lucifer 7 farewell: the words of Ellis

At the microphones of the podcast hosted by Rob Benedict and Rochard Ellis was more than clear: "Six seasons of the series is already an achievement. It's been a great emotional journey and I don't think I want to continue. I know I don't want to. Mainly because I want to know that we're ending and then because I've enjoyed it so much. I think it's only fair to give the series a proper ending."

Ellis, then, is the first to be convinced that the series has given it everything, considering that it has already been extended beyond its original runtime.

Lucifer 6: when it arrives

In the meantime, however, Lucifer fans are still waiting for the final episodes of the fifth series (a whopping 8) and the entire sixth series. The filming of the sixth series has begun, while those of the fifth are now at the end after the stop due to the lockdown.

To see the last episodes on Netflix, then, you will have to wait until the end of the editing of the last episodes of the fifth series and that of all the episodes of the sixth. For the seventh, however, at the moment there seems to be no hope.