Microsoft: Windows Defender Application Guard launched early

The tool that improves the security of Microsoft Edge was supposed to be rilsciato with Creators Update, but is already available for Windows 10

A surprise you don't expect. Windows Defender Application Guard, announced by Microsoft during the Ignite 2016 Conference, was supposed to be introduced in a few days with the new Creators Update. And instead it would seem to be already available in Windows 10.

The Microsoft Edge security tool, designed to add a higher degree of protection to the browser against malware and viruses, and especially dedicated to businesses, would have been inserted on tiptoe with one of the latest Creators Update builds launched in preview: version 15031. A Twitter user discovered it, who spread the news with a tweet. At the moment, however, it seems that the only thing you can see, typing the command about:applicationguard in the address bar, is only the introduction. It's enough, however, to make you understand that the new and safe protection system is really close to be launched.

Windows Defender Application Guard for everyone in April

The feature will be officially announced in a few days: in fact, Microsoft should release another "preview" build soon. Windows Defender Application Guard, however, will be launched in an effective way, after this trial period, with Creators Update, the new version of the operating system that the Redmond company will make available to all users from next April. But what is Windows Defender Application Guard and what is it for? The system promises to increase the cybersecurity of Windows 10. The tool, in fact, prevents a threat - whether malware or virus - from spreading from the browser to users' computers and devices.