Netflix changes rankings: here’s how

Netflix's rankings are set to change: here's how the streaming platform will rate the most watched movies and TV series by its users around the world

Which are the most watched on the platform? That's the question many users ask themselves when they access the app of Netflix, the world's most popular subscription streaming service. And on this issue, the platform has decided to make some important changes, making the list of the most popular movies and TV series more transparent and representative of the real viewings of the content.

The announcement of the change came yesterday, directly from the company through its official channels, which has thus chosen to make known already in the first line the indicator that will be used to draw up the ranking of the favorite shows by users. This is a further innovation that the service has chosen to put in place to entice users to discover the titles, made "in house" or purchased from other producers, hosted on the platform that can boast a rich library that goes in any case in addition to movies and series, with plays, stand-up comedy and animation programs oriented to the world of children and not only.

Netflix, how the rankings change

The change of course undertaken by Netflix is very clear. In fact, if before to have a greater weight was the number of views of at least two minutes of the product in the first 28 days of presence on the platform, now the rules of the game change sharply. In fact, starting from the end of the year, as stated in a communication to shareholders, only the total hours of viewing will be weighed.

That the new indicator has a greater importance, able to reflect on the current rankings, can be seen from the comment of the company itself: "There is a certain difference in the rankings [...] but we think that the involvement measured by the hours viewed is a slightly better indicator of the overall success of our titles and the satisfaction of our subscribers". In addition, Netflix pointed out that this is already a relevant value outside of the service's circuit: "It also corresponds to the way external services measure TV viewing and give proper credit for repeat viewing."

Netflix, more accurate data

More accurate and less misleading than the previous one, the metrics that will soon be adopted will in many cases provide for a real revolution within the rankings already in place. All this, however, will also allow a better understanding of the positions reached by the titles by the public.

Users, therefore, will no longer be forced to reckon with potentially approximate data, but more precise and definitely current. In fact, if the previous list added to the number of views also those undertaken and abandoned after a few minutes, with the new system to triumph at the top places will be the products that have accumulated more total hours, such as the recent series "