Olexander iPhone 7, Ukrainian changes name for Apple smartphone

A 20-year-old man assumes a new identity to get the latest iPhone model for free. Soon, however, he may revert back to his old name

Iphones over the years have become a status symbol and some people are willing to do almost anything to get their hands on one of the applephones. What a Ukrainian boy has done, however, is really incredible.

The twenty-year-old Olexander Turin has decided to officially change his name to iPhone Sim, which literally translated would be iPhone 7. The boy, in fact, has decided to seize the extravagant proposal of a store that had promised to give away the latest smartphone launched by Cupertino to anyone who had the courage to change their name to iPhone 7.

Olexander, among the incredulity of friends and family, has therefore gone to the registry office where with just 2 euros he was able to assume a new identity.

This name is not forever

Olexander iPhone Sim, however, would not be willing to keep the new name forever. The boy in fact is ready to take back the old identity soon, always paying 2 euros.

The sister meanwhile defends him. "It was hard to accept and believe that it is true. However, every person has the right to look for a way to express themselves. Why not do it this way?" While the decision to change his name has exposed the 20-year-old to public scorn, from an economic point of view Olexander iPhone Sim seems to have made a good deal, considering the almost 850 euros that in Ukraine are needed to buy an iPhone 7.