Nintendo Switch: here’s when the Slim version will be released

Nintendo is ready to launch by the end of the fall a Mini version of the Nintendo Switch: here are the features and the price

New console coming in the next few months: it's the long-awaited Nintendo Switch Slim (or Mini, as some call it), a compact version of the current hybrid console Nintendo Switch. The latest likely launch date for this new console is this fall, or so reports the Japanese news agency Nikkei. According to leaked Japanese news agency Nikkei, the Nintendo Switch Slim will make its debut during the fall.

Also according to Nikkei, the launch of the Nintendo Swith Pro, an upgraded version of the current Switch, has been postponed. The news reported by the Japanese news agency in part confirm and in part deny those spread last month by the Wall Street Journal, according to which the Pro version should arrive already this year with a hardware "reinforced" and a very favorable price. The project would be delayed due to unspecified development problems. In addition, Nintendo has also postponed the "Quality of Life" project that, among other things, also included the monitoring of sleep.

How will the Nintendo Switch Slim

Restand in the world of rumors, at least those circulating so far, the Nintendo Switch Slim that will be released in the fall will be smaller and cheaper than the normal Switch. The price savings will be paid for with a few less features, but it would appear that TV output will not be sacrificed. As opposed to HD Rumble, the controller vibration that made its debut on the very first Switch. The Joy-Cons, moreover, will be fixed and cannot be unhooked. The result would be a more compact console, a little less "hybrid" and devoted to maximum portability, with a very attractive price. If today the list price of the Switch is 329 euros in Italy (but online you can find it for less), that of the Nintendo Switch Slim could be between 200 and 250 euros. And if one day the Nintendo Switch Pro really does arrive, a general price drop for the entire range wouldn't be out of the question.

The current Nintendo Switch, released in 2017, made record sales in its first year. However, the following year saw a sharp drop in sales, and it's still unclear whether Nintendo was able to meet its target of 38 million units shipped by the end of 2019.