PEC to receive electronic invoices, because it’s convenient for everyone

Certified Electronic Mail is the most convenient tool for individuals to receive electronic invoices. Here's why

From January 1, 2019, there are no excuses that hold. After the postponements of the past years and months, with the beginning of the new year, electronic invoicing has become mandatory even between private individuals. Italy is the first European country to introduce such a solution, with the aim of combating tax avoidance and evasion and simplifying payment procedures.

The Certified Electronic Mail, is one of the most suitable tools especially for individuals to receive electronic invoices. Management platforms such as Libero SiFattura, however, are more suitable for freelancers and companies of all sizes, to facilitate their work and simplify the exercise of accounting. Easy management of electronic invoices, the ability to automatically send invoices and payment reminders, to be able to check the billing history and manage the cash flow thanks to the verification of invoices collected and those yet to be collected and much more.

How does the receipt of electronic invoices work

The receipt of an electronic invoice is subject to the communication to your supplier of an "electronic destination", a sort of ad hoc box in which to receive all the invoices related to your transactions. The destination, as already seen in the case of invoice issuance, can be an SDI recipient code (a unique and identifying number, linked to our business or our person) or a certified email address. Depending on the data that you provide, the invoice can then be consulted through an ad hoc platform such as Libero SiFattura or within your own certified mailbox.

Why the PEC is convenient to receive electronic invoices

Of the various options available to receive electronic invoices, the PEC box is the one that provides the greatest advantages for individuals. First of all, you won't need to learn how another web tool works: if you already have a "normal" email address, you already know how to use and control the PEC, since there are no substantial differences in the use of the two platforms.

The Certified Electronic Mail, unlike ad hoc platforms, can also be used for other purposes: it can act as a digital domicile or to communicate in an official way with the bodies of the Public Administration or any other entity with a PEC, for example to cancel contracts such as telephone or pay-tv. In addition, the PEC is more convenient even from a purely economic point of view: open a certified mailbox with Libero Family PEC, for example, costs only 14.99 euros and allows you to receive many electronic invoices, without additional costs to be incurred.