PS5, official website arrives. Presentation imminent

Sony has published a web page dedicated to the console with some information about the PlayStation 5. Here's what we know

After unveiling the new PlayStation 5 logo on stage at CES 2020 in Las Vegas, it's the turn of the official website. In fact, nothing new on the horizon. It is only a web page that refers to the next launch that will take place during the Christmas holidays of 2020, news now confirmed for some time.

The Japanese giant is not yet ready to unveil completely to the world the next-generation console, but is working hard to do so as soon as possible. From the web page we do not get any new information even on the technical features, but it has been confirmed backward compatibility with the PS4, news that can only make console users happy. For now Sony invites fans and enthusiasts to subscribe to the newsletter (but the function is disabled) to stay informed and receive updates on the upcoming presentation of the PlayStation 5.

PS5 Christmas 2020

After months of speculation, rumors and rumors is thus confirmed the launch window of the new PlayStation 5 that will be available close to the upcoming holiday season, perhaps anticipating the timing so you can already be purchased from the month of November 2020 in conjunction with Black Friday. We will see. Few yet the clues at our disposal, the same internet page just published online is still "work in progress", it is not in fact possible to subscribe to any newsletter despite the text invites users to do so as soon as possible.

PS5: soon the official presentation?

Many are confident in the imminent presentation of the PS5. Some leakers, the usual well-informed, took for granted an event dedicated to the PS5 for the end of February. But this message published online on the official website of the console disassembles any conjecture and inference spread on the network.

The event dedicated to the presentation of the new PlayStation will take place in March as claimed by other rumors always appeared online? For now we don't know, sure is that Sony itself, publishing an official site still completely incomplete dedicated to the new console, wants to put a brake on fake news and rumors that give for certain the impending launch? Sony says: "We've started to share some of the incredible features you can expect from PlayStation 5, but we're not quite ready to fully unveil the next generation of PlayStation. Word to the wise.