Record-breaking Fortnite: earns three billion in one year

Fortnite earned three billion in one year thanks to players' in-app purchases. For Epic Games, the video game is a golden goose

Three billion dollars. That's how much Fortnite has yielded to Epic Games, the software house that developed what doesn't seem to be a video game anymore, but a real golden goose. The success of Fortnite is now under everyone's eyes: videogames such as Battlefield and Call of Duty sleep have been forced to add to their new titles a Battle Royal mode in Fortnite style to meet the demands of users.

The 2018 was definitely the year of Fortnite: the game was launched in early 2017 by Epic Games, but at first the video game did not get much success. It was the first months of 2018 that changed the history of Fortnite: thanks to live streams on platforms like Twitch and videos posted by YouTubers, the game underwent a real breakthrough, so much so that it surpassed 200 million players registered to the video game. Even Epic Games did not expect a success of this magnitude: Fortnite has become much more than just a video game, it is a square where you can meet your friends to spend some time together.

How much does Fortnite earn

The US portal TechCrunch has calculated that in 2018 alone Fortnite has allowed Epic Games to earn three billion dollars. A huge figure, higher than the budget of some of the poorest states in the World. The value of the software house in a year has skyrocketed from eight billion in July 2018 to fifteen billion in December 2018. And to think that a few years ago Epic Games was valued at a few hundred million dollars. An incredible growth.

Why Fortnite earns three billion dollars

How does Fornite earn such a large amount in one year? The answer is simple: through the in-app purchases that players make every day. To get rare skins, emote, power-ups, weapons, season passes you need to pay with real money. And it is difficult to find a player who has not spent money to buy at least one special item. So much so that was born a real black market of Fortnite accounts, which are resold on the dark web at astronomical prices. Even the world of hackers is interested in the phenomenon and there are several hackers who steal accounts to sell them on the dark web.