Super Mario Run, record-breaking launch: revenues for 5 million dollars

The new application developed by Nintendo has surpassed the previous record recorded by Pokemon Go, exceeding 5 million downloads on the day of launch

From the day of the announcement, Nintendo's objective was clear: to create expectation around the launch of Super Mario in order to beat all the previous records recorded with Pokemon Go. And the strategy of the Japanese company seems to have paid off.

In fact, according to the latest data published by companies specialized in the analysis of the application market, the video game, on the day of its launch (December 15, 2016), exceeded 5 million downloads. You have to think that Pokemon Go, the other app that broke all the records of the year, in the first day on the App Store had been downloaded "only" 900,000 times. But the really important figure is the one concerning the revenues: Super Mario Run has collected more than 5 million dollars and in the coming months is ready to exceed the 160 million dollars earned in the first month by the game developed by Niantic.

Warning about data consumption

Despite the great numbers recorded, many players have complained about data consumption. In fact, to play Super Mario you need to have your data connection turned on. Nintendo has tried to justify itself by saying that the choice was made to combat piracy, but the first results are certainly not positive, especially for those who have a limited tariff plan. For every hour of play, Super Mario Run downloads between 40 and 60 megabytes of data. If you have problems with your phone plan, the best choice is to use the game only when you are connected to the Wi-Fi network of your home.