Sonus Faber, the wireless speaker with “wings”

Sonus Faber is a new luxury wireless speaker and will cost between 9 thousand and 14 thousand euros depending on the model. Only a hundred will be produced each year

Speakers are becoming more and more eccentric. So here is the new wireless speaker with "wings". It's the Sonus Faber SF16. It has been defined by many as the most bizarre wireless speaker ever made. The Sonus Faber speaker is a wireless speaker built with three different speakers, a large central one and two smaller ones arranged on external "wings".

The peculiarity is that the two external speakers are retractable being supported by two arms made of aluminum and carbon fiber. While on board the central case, which is covered with a very elegant walnut wood, we find two long-throw subwoofers. An aspect that will ensure the highest quality of sound. Or at least that's what they assure from the manufacturing company. This is a luxury product, so much so that only a hundred per year will be produced.

The luxury wireless speaker

The Sonus Faber SF16 speaker, as mentioned, is not suitable for all budgets. It fits right into the high end of the wireless headphone market thanks to its cost included, depending on the options, between 9,500 euros and 14 thousand euros. To pick up the speakers of the "wings" just press the appropriate button on the control panel at the top of the central case. Obviously, the crate supports all major music streaming services such as Spotify and Amazon Music. Underneath the central speaker is another very stylish element, which is an LED light that is dimmable, meaning you can adjust it to your liking. Of course, the Sonus Faber SF16 speaker also comes with an aluminum remote control so you can operate the speaker from a distance. The wings are not only an aesthetic addition but serve to expand the sound stage of your music.