Spotify: now we can see song lyrics

Singing your own music while listening? With Spotify's new feature, that's now possible too: here's what it is

The latest Spotify integration will certainly please a large portion of the platform's audience. The long-awaited feature that many users have been waiting for has just landed in Italy a few hours ago and will allow the music streaming application to offer an even more complete experience.

Realized in partnership with Musixmatch, the feature has been introduced in our country on a particularly large number of devices, after a long trial run that started in the United States. With it, it becomes possible to read the lyrics of songs and follow them in real time, as they scroll on the screen synchronized with the scrolling of the song, without having to resort to external apps to be used together with the proprietary one. There are already plenty of lyrics available, a feature that finally allows the platform born in Sweden to reach the levels of some direct competitors, such as YouTube Music and Apple Music, which already two years ago had introduced this possibility.

Spotify, how to activate the new feature

Accessing the lyrics of the songs while listening is extremely easy, since the function has been integrated into the app interface. While listening, simply tap on the section dedicated to the song being played; below the image of the cover, the title and the controls for playback you can see the new bar with the indication "Lyrics"; another tap on the "More" button at the bottom right will allow you to put the words on the full screen.

In the new screen there is also the "Share" button, always at the bottom right. In this way it will be possible to publish in Instagram stories, Facebook or Twitter the most beautiful or engaging verses directly on our social profile, with a graphic that sees them set in a box with the cover and title of the song.

To read the lyrics from the desktop, however, just click on the microphone icon on the bar "Now Playing", always while listening. On smart TVs, through a dedicated application, the "Lyrics" button is instead available from the screen reachable after selecting "Now Playing View".

Spotify, where to read song lyrics

The new Spotify feature, as specified, can be exploited both from desktop application and from smartphones and other devices by all users, both those with free accounts and those with premium subscriptions. Among those currently confirmed are cell phones and tablets running iOS and Android, the PlayStation 5, PlayStation4 and XBox One consoles, Samsung and LG smart TVs, as well as FireTV, Sky and Rock.