Valentine’s Day: the best romantic movies on Prime Video

Transform the evening of February 14 into a unique opportunity for a little relaxation: here are the movies to watch on the streaming platform.

A romantic dinner for two at home, followed by a little relaxation with a movie to watch in streaming: just a few tricks are enough to save Valentine's Day 2021. The important thing is not to ruin the fateful moment of the choice of the film.

The risk is to spend hours in front of the list of titles and not find one that suits both. To foil this danger, it is better to organize beforehand. Amazon Prime Video offers its subscribers many movies perfect for the evening, suitable for every taste: from the historical genre, to dramas up to comedies. such as It doesn't happen, but if it does... and Palm Springs. Just log on to the platform and you'll be spoilt for choice. The Map of Tiny Perfect Things by Ian Samuels will arrive exclusively in February. But already now are available many famous films, such as Shakespeare in Love or Notting Hill. Here is the complete catalog designed by Amazon Prime Video for Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day movies exclusively on Amazon Prime Video

On February 12 will arrive in streaming The map of perfect tiny things, based on the novel of the same name by Lev Grossman. It stars Kyle Allen as Mark, a boy who keeps reliving the same day on a loop. His tranquility is broken by the arrival of a girl Margaret (Kathryn Newton) who lives in the same time loop. Together they will discover the little details that make that day perfect.

Sylvie's love is ideal for music lovers looking for a themed film. It chronicles the meeting between saxophonist Robert (Nnamdi Asomugha) and Sylvie (Tessa Thompson). The two find themselves working in the same record store where love breaks out.

Those who prefer comedies will have plenty of titles to choose from. Sai Tenere un segreto? è la pellicola ispirata all’omonimo romanzo di Sophie Kinsella. È tra le novità di Prime Video di gennaio 2021. Mentre Palm Springs – Vivi come se non ci fosse un domani, distribuito in esclusiva su Prime Video da novembre 2020.

C’è anche la commedia sopra le righe dal titolo Non succede, ma se succede… (Long Shot) diretta da Jonathan Levine con protagonisti Seth Rogen e Charlize Theron. Infine, consigliamo anche il film italiano Sul più bello ispirato al romanzo di Eleonora Gaggero. Racconta con una punta di ironia l’incontro e la storia d’amore tra Marta (Ludovica Francescani) e Arturo (Giuseppe Maggio, che ha interpretato anche Fiore nella serie tv Baby).

Film famosi da riguardare a San Valentino su Prime Video

Oltre ai film in esclusiva su Amazon Prime Video, la piattaforma propone anche grandi classici e pellicole famose. Ecco un elenco dei titoli principali:

  • Lost in translation
  • Io prima di te
  • Abbasso l’amore
  • Amici, amanti e…
  • Notting Hill
  • Shakespeare in love
  • Once
  • Dirty Dancing
  • Susanna

Chi invece preferisce le serie tv capaci di raccontare tutte le forme che può acquisire l’amore può guardare This is Us ma anche la prima stagione di Modern Love. Insomma, la scelta è ampia ma individuando in tempo il titolo giusto su Prime Video, la serata di San Valentino sarà perfetta.