WatchOS 5.1 crashes Apple Watch, distribution halted

Apple has released version 5.1 of its Apple WatchOS operating system, but due to a bug the update is sending smartwatches into a tailspin, here's what to do

Apple released the WatchOS 5.1 update on October 30, 2018, but now Cupertino has suddenly halted its distribution. The cause? Continuous complaints from several users that once they ran the update they were experiencing continuous freezes on their Apple Watch.

This is a serious problem for Apple, because in the case of bugs on iPhone or iPad it is possible to connect the device to a Mac for remote troubleshooting with Apple support. Which is impossible with an Apple Watch. That's why Cupertino has decided in a few hours to block the release of the update until it has resolved the problem that causes continuous blockages and the inability for users to use its smartwatch. The bug at the moment would seem to affect only and exclusively Apple Watch Series 4. And if this news were confirmed in a few days for users of the top of the range Apple smartwatch it would be the second major problem, after the block caused to the devices by the transition to solar time.

Apple Watch: update sends it haywire

Apple WatchOS 5.1 has been launched by Cupertino along with iOS 12.1, i.e. the update for iPhone and iPad mobile operating systems, and it has the same features: group calls up to 32 people for FaceTime, new emoji pack and most importantly support for eSIMs that could make the Apple Watch's fortune in the near future.

But what to do if we already have the new WatchOS 5.1 update installed? First we try to do a roll-down, i.e. go back to the previous version of our operating system. But in case of problems or if we don't want to waste too much time manually we can always contact an Apple service center to ask for clarification. If we have not yet done the update and for some reason we still see the notification of possible update, even if we have a model prior to the Series 4, our advice is to let it go. Apple will soon release a new updated and corrected version and we can install it without risking to mess up our Apple Watch.