What to do if your smartphone falls into the sea

If you take prompt action immediately after it falls into the sea, there are many ways to save your mobile device. How? By using alcohol

Summer is just around the corner. We go to the beach, take boat trips and do not miss an opportunity to unleash the smartphone and start taking one photo after another. Despite the risk that, between a selfie on the beach and a shot with friends on the shoreline, the smartphone goes to end up in the water. With everything that follows.

It would be, therefore, appropriate to take into account this unpleasant possibility and be able to intervene promptly. It may seem strange to you, but there are some very effective techniques that if performed immediately after the fall into the sea increase the chances of salvation for the device. The main advice, however, is to keep the danger as far away as possible. How? By being more careful. We're not telling you to leave your smartphone under the umbrella, or even at home, but to use one of those protective cases - that you can buy for a few pennies - waterproof.

Smartphone in the sea: first step

Having said that, let's go back to the initial point. What to do if the smartphone slips out of our hands and ends up in the sea? First of all, do not waste time. If you are on a boat, don't wait until you get to the beach to act. In these cases it is essential to remove all removable parts from the mobile device, starting with the battery (where possible) and continuing with the SIM card, the microSD card, and the cover. Warning: even if instinct tells us otherwise, do not turn on the smartphone immediately after retrieving it from the water. Just as it is important not to try to touch the touch screen or, even worse, press on one of the buttons. You'll decrease the chances of liquid getting into the circuits.

Eliminate harmful substances

Let's move on to the second step. Here it is good to make a small point. Sea water, as it is known, contains many minerals including salt, which is very corrosive to the smartphone. As well as there may also be residues of other substances that, once the device has dried, remain inside, damaging it. Therefore, it is very important to remove them completely. An excellent ally is alcohol, one of the main substances used to clean electronic devices.

Submerge the smartphone in alcohol

Submerge it completely in 99% pure isopropyl alcohol immediately after the cell phone has gone into the water. This is because the liquid, unlike water, does not damage the circuits. Far from it. Alcohol, after it has penetrated inside the smartphone, removes salt and other substances present in sea water and helps the device to dry faster. The advice is, therefore, to leave the smartphone to "soak" for at least 30 minutes (it would be appropriate to repeat the practice for a couple of "sessions").

Then, all you have to do is wait until the device is completely dry. The advice is to wait at least one night. To speed up the process, you could also insert the smartphone inside the rice. At this point you'll just have to try to turn it on again, hoping that the system has worked.