What will be the first cell phone with 200 watts charging

200 watts charging opens up scenarios that were unthinkable until yesterday. The novelty is expected for 2022: it is already speculated what could be the first product to have it

In the absence of batteries with higher energy density, so the possibility of containing more energy for the same available space, the smartphone industry has been focusing for months on the development of fast charging more and more powerful. And if now a recharge between 60 and 70 watts is considered very fast, soon it could even appear slow.

That's what would happen if the 200-watt recharge really materializes, and judging by the rumors that have arrived recently is not so far the time when it will be ready to debut. All the clues lead to Xiaomi, which already in recent months has shown to have the technological ability to push the cable charging up to 200 watts and wireless charging even beyond 100, 120 watts to be precise. So far they are only exercises, demonstrations, but to see them applied to mass devices require a series of important steps such as safety certifications. 200 watts are not a few, and to avoid unpleasant episodes it is necessary that everything is tested well.

The 200 watt charging on Xiaomi Mi Mix 5

However, they are working to break down yet another wall in the shortest time possible, so it is open the game on the first smartphone with 200 watt charging. According to informant Digital Chat Station, the components needed to make such a bold charging process a reality will begin mass production by June 2022.

More or less the same time when the first smartphone with the amazing 200-watt fast charging will arrive as well. Another source, recently, has made "names and surnames": it will be Xiaomi Mi Mix 5 to integrate it first, the series of smartphones in which usually focus the most daring innovations of the Chinese manufacturer.

The very recent Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 is the mirror, or rather only the latest mirror, of how much the company trusts in the innovative spirit of the series: it is the first Xiaomi smartphone, as well as one of the very few in the world, to have brought to debut the camera under the screen (the absolute record belongs to ZTE, which recently evolved the concept on Axon 30) and integrates fast charging at 120 watts.

The 80 watts that separate the current generation from the 200-watt mark will be filled by the Xiaomi Mi Mix 5, which, however, according to the same source will not exceed 50 watts for wireless charging, i.e., the same power offered today by Mi Mix 4.

Empressive potential for 200 watts

And if anyone had doubts about the usefulness of such a fast charge would find an answer in the numbers released by Xiaomi at the presentation of HyperCharge technology, from 200 watts precisely. With this power, a fully discharged 4,000 mAh battery could reach 50% in just three minutes, while in eight you would arrive at full charge.

Which opens up incredible scenarios. After a day's work that has totally discharged the smartphone, you could, for example, get into the shower with a flat battery and find it at 100% once you get out, ready for a drink or a family dinner at a restaurant.