Windows 7 crashing after antivirus update: what’s happening

The latest Malwarebytes update sends Windows 7 computers crashing. The only way to get back to using the PC is to turn it off and disconnect the power

In the last few hours many users using computers with the Windows 7 operating system are reporting problems with their PCs. After updating Malwarebytes antivirus software, the computers have started to freeze and show no signs of life. The problem seems to have affected a lot of computers that have updated the program and Malwarebytes is already working on releasing a patch to normalize the situation as soon as possible.

The software house has already apologized for the inconvenience and announced that the version of the software that conflicts with Windows 7 is 3.6.1 with components 1.0.508. This version is only available for Malwarebytes premium users. If you also have problems with your computer and cannot access some features, check if you have updated Malwarebytes to this version. To do this, launch the software, press on Settings and then Information. A page will open with the version number and components.

How to fix Windows 7 freeze

The only way to get back to using the computer after the freeze is to turn it off and disconnect the power. Wait for about ten seconds and then turn the PC back on - now Windows 7 should work again.

Malwarebytes suggests two methods to temporarily solve the problem: disable the "Windows Web Protection" feature and install an earlier version of the program. It is not too complicated to do these two things, and in a little more than five minutes you should be able to use your PC normally again.

The program's developers have assured you that they are already working on finding the cause of the problem and releasing a new version as soon as possible. If you have any doubts, you can contact Malwarebytes support directly to find out how to quickly fix the computer crash.

Microsoft is not to blame for this, and even a Windows 7 update would not solve the issue. You will just have to wait for a solution from Malwarebytes.