Xbox Project Scarlett, what the new Microsoft console will look like

Some features of the Xbox Project Scarlett, Microsoft's new console that will debut on the market in late 2020

While the anticipation grows for the release of the new Xbox Project Scarlett announced during the E3 2019 conference last June, rumors and indiscretions about the hardware features of Microsoft's next-generation console do not subside online.

Faster, more powerful and graphically advanced, Xbox Project Scarlett or Xbox Two will debut on the market in 2020, close to the holiday season. Apparently, the strengths of the new console of the house of Redmond will be the frame rate and playability, at least according to what was stated in a recent interview by Phil Spencer, head of the Xbox division, to the online magazine Gamespot.

Xbox Project Scarlett: the strengths

Frame rate and playability, these are the two focal points that will characterize the new console of Redmond, two important elements aimed at improving the gaming experience of users. The main objective is to make the gameplay more fluid and dynamic, speeding up the loading time of the game, along with the use of a more advanced graphics and significantly improved with support for 4K resolution with 60 frames per second. Also as stated to Gamespot by Phil Spencer, the new Xbox will be totally backwards compatible with all Xbox Original, 360 and One games, not only that, gamers will still be able to use even the old Xbox One controllers.

Xbox Project Scarlett: hardware features

Microsoft has already made official most of the components that will give life to its new console. The AMD-designed processor will be built using the Zen 2 architecture and Navi GPU, the same as on the next PS5. The hardware compartment will be supported by a GDDR6 RAM of at least 16GB and a high-performance SSD. The new Xbox Project Scarlett from the point of view of hardware architecture should produce a power of about 24 Teraflops, which is four times more powerful than the Xbox One X.