6 features that make Android O easier to use

From notifications, to the status bar and control, passing through the alarm clock and volume: Android O will be an operating system of great surprises

One of the main features of Android, whatever version is installed, is the ease of use, which allows anyone to learn how to use a device that runs with the green robot in no time. Feature that with Android O, the future Google OS, will be even better.

Although it is still available in beta version, the next version of Android is already collecting the praise of many users, who begin to appreciate its features. Google's new operating system, which some say will eventually be called Android Oreo, after the well-known brand of milk cookies, will include many new features. There will be picture-in-picture functionality, which will allow you to stack one app on top of another. Security will also be improved, thanks to Project Treble. And that's not all. Notifications will be revamped and battery consumption will be optimized.

Android O, as you can see in the Developer Preview, overall will be much easier to use. Here are some of the main user-friendly features.

Android O Alarm Clock and Volume

According to what some users report, with Android O setting the alarm clock will be much easier and immediate, thanks to a small keyboard that appears every time you open the app, making entering the time easier and more accurate.

How many times do we wonder if our Android device is on silent mode? Or do we forget to turn the ringer back on? Probably a lot. In Android O, once the volume is turned down, a big blue strip will appear on the screen where you can check the active profile on your smartphone.

Notifications and increased visibility

As mentioned, Android O improves notifications.

In particular, in the next version, multimedia control will be optimized. The most important notifications will be more prominent, while the others - for example, those related to traffic - will be graphically smaller.

Android O also pleases when it comes to visibility in very strong light conditions. With the next version, in fact, it will be easier to see the screen even if the smartphone is exposed to the sun.

Control bar and status bar

Android O will make the smartphone's control bar even easier to open and edit. Currently, as Nougat users know, to fully extend it and display the settings icon you need to swipe down twice. With Android O, a single swipe will suffice. Google's new OS also improves the status bar, especially it will allow users to know precisely the condition of the battery.