Apple, iPhone 6 and 6S battery problems fixed

The new update to iOS 10.2.1 is said to be able to reduce iPhone 6S sudden shutdowns by 80% and iPhone 6 shutdowns by 70%

Even Apple, for some time now, has started dealing with problems that a few years ago seemed to affect only competitors. Hacker attacks and above all technical defects. One example is the case of the battery bugs of some iPhone models. Now it seems that Apple has finally managed to correct the error.

According to what the Californian company says, the new update, iOS 10.2.1, would have reduced by 80% the sudden shutdowns of the iPhone 6S. In recent months, several times, many users had complained, in fact, a problem with the battery of the mobile device from Cupertino. Such as, for example, sudden blackouts and wrong charge indications. To cause the bug, according to some users, would have been the update to iOS 10.2, release that, in theory, should have fixed the previous bugs. But so it was not, according to reports on various forums.

Also reduced by 70% the bugs on the iPhone 6

The new update would, therefore, always referring to the words of Apple, solved the problem with the battery of the iPhone 6S. Reporting the news was the website Techcrunch, to which Apple, with a comment, confirmed the news. The update, according to the note, would have decreased the cases of sudden and random shutdown by 70% even on the iPhone 6. Apple, with iOS 10.2.1, would also have fixed another bug. Gli utenti potranno, infatti, riaccendere il proprio smartphone, in caso di arresto inaspettato, senza doverlo per forza ricollegare all’alimentatore.

Al momento non ci sono informazioni che aiutino a capire le cause di questi problemi che, nonostante le rassicurazioni di Apple, sembrano ancora interessare, se pur con percentuali minime, i possessori degli iPhone 6 e 6S.

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