Apple Mirror: the smart mirror that manages our apps

Designed by a web designer, it owes its name to its similarity with the Apple operating system. It allows, among other things, to browse social networks and listen to music

In the houses of the future every element will have more functions. Above all, mirrors will be able to be real devices that can be replaced when needed for quick actions without the need to turn on the PC or pick up the smartphone. And it is not the future because the "Apple Mirror" already exists.

Apple Mirror: the intelligent mirror. It's called Apple Mirror because its interface "mimics" that of iOS 10 but in fact to have designed this smart mirror is a web and graphic designer from New York, Rafael Dymek. It is a fully functional touchscreen mirror that recalls the typical elements of Apple. From the icons to the location of the weather. The date and time are located in the upper right while in the upper left are set the weather conditions of the day. To see it is a normal mirror, so much so that if you do not touch it with a finger you do not see any icon. And after 45 seconds of inactivity all digital information disappears. 

What you can do with Apple Mirror

(Taken from YouTube)

With Apple Mirror we can manage all our apps. We can move them around with a finger and start them with a tap. We can read the latest news or connect the smart mirror with a speaker and listen to our favorite music from our dedicated apps. It is also possible to watch a movie or TV series on Netflix. Although in this case the quality is lowered considering the reflection. And the eye could get very tired in the long run. And also you can browse social media or check emails. It is a device that can simplify many gestures. Imagine being late and while you're dressing book Uber to go to the office directly from the mirror. But you can also do much simpler gestures such as controlling your home thermostat or smart bulbs. It sounds like the future of smart homes but it's already the present.

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