Bonus Terme 2021: how to book online before the others

The huge interest in the Bonus Terme 2021, and the probable click day, suggest preparing in time: here's how to get information now

Millions of Italians can't wait to go to the spa. At least it would seem so, judging by the interest aroused by the Bonus Terme 2021, the incentive of the Government up to 200 euros to spend in a spa within 60 days of the issue of the bonus. An interest that, however, could prove to be a double-edged sword because of the mode of delivery of the bonus.

The mechanism, in fact, will almost certainly provide a "Click Day": the resources allocated are equal to 53 million, which will be enough for about 250 thousand bonus, then there will be a race to grab the public contribution. Something like this has already happened in the past with the Bonus Bike and Scooter, with results far from reassuring: site in tilt and hundreds of thousands of would-be buyers disappointed. It is therefore urgent to get ready for the new Click Day for the Bonus Spa: the date is not yet known, but there is already a way to get information before the others thanks to the help of the trade association of Italian spas.

Bonus terme: the help of FederTerme

In view of the Click Day and the official booking of the Bonus Terme, the trade association of 320 Italian spas FederTerme, on its official website, has made available a special form to request information on the voucher.

The procedure to enroll is very simple: just visit the website and you will immediately see the banner on the Bonus Terme 2021. Just click on "Click here and Sign up" to be taken to the page for filling out the form.

We can then enter our personal data and enter phone number and email address to be contacted as soon as Invitalia will publish the terms of delivery of the Bonus Terme. Through the same form we also ask to be updated when the list of the structures adhering to the initiative will be published.

We can fill in the form choosing that our data will not be used for advertising purposes, but if we are spa lovers perhaps it is useful to allow FederTerme to send us its communications.

It is fundamental to clarify one thing: filling in the form on FederTerme's website does not mean to book the bonus, but simply to request information that will allow us to better face the Click Day and therefore, potentially, to arrive before the others.

FederTerme, by the way, starting September 30 will also make available a chat for those interested in the Spa Bonus 2021, but we don't know yet if it will be a bot or to answer will be people in the flesh.

Bonus Terme: how it will work

The Bonus Terme is for everyone: it is enough to be 18 years old and resident in Italy to request it, without any ISEE limit.

It will be managed by Invitalia through a special booking web page, which will be put online not before October 2021. The bonus will be personal and we will not be able to give it to anyone, while we will be able to spend it only in facilities that are not already affiliated with the National Health Service.

The list of such facilities will be published shortly by Invitalia, in a special section of its institutional website.

It is not yet official, but based on what the legislation provides for it is almost taken for granted, that the Bonus Terme will be delivered through "Click Day": at some point the online platform will be opened and whoever arrives first will take the bonus.