Cruel Summer: what the new Prime Video series is about

The series is a psychological thriller set in the 1990s. Produced by Jessica Biel and Michelle Purple. Here are the details

Cruel Summer is the first thriller series that will be launched exclusively on Amazon Prime Video also for Italian subscribers. The production is the result of a partnership between the production company Entertainment One and Iron Ocean Productions of Michelle Purple and Jessica Biel.

The show will arrive in our country this year, after the debut in the United States. There are all the ingredients to create a success, starting with the genre: psychological thrillers are in fact very popular with audiences worldwide. Even the setting is particularly in vogue in the world of streaming. The plot takes place in fact during the nineties. The role of showrunner is entrusted to Tia Napolitano, who has worked hard to ensure the audience an intense product full of twists and turns. The story will be told from different points of view and will focus on solving a dark mystery. To further enrich the content stands a cast composed of many talented young actors.

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Cruel Summer: the plot

The TV series is set in a small Texas town during three summers in the 1990s. It tells what happens following the disappearance of the most beautiful and famous girl in the country. After this event another one happens, apparently unrelated: another girl, previously shy and awkward, becomes the most popular, but at the same time also the most hated in America.

Each episode of Cruel Summer is told from a different point of view and the viewer will find himself confused in front of different truths, so he will have to figure out which side to take and who to believe.

Brad Beale, Vice President, Worldwide Content Acquisition for Prime Video, promises subscribers a unique and exciting show, created through an all-female team effort:

"With Cruel Summer, Jessica Biel, Michelle Purple, Bert V. Royal and Tia Napolitano have created a one-of-a-kind drama that will nail Prime Video customers to the screen with a succession of mysterious events."

The series has been described as "unconventional" and "highly sought after" so it's perfect for those who are always on the lookout for independent product that strays from the mainstream.

Cruel Summer: the cast

The two protagonists of the TV series are played by two young actresses: Olivia Holt plays the role of Kate, while Chiara Aurelia (The Brave) those of Jeanette. We also find Sarah Drew, famous for having already worked in Grey's Anatomy, who plays Cindy Turner, Jeanette's mother, who finds herself at the center of gossip and struggles to keep her family together.

In the cast there are also several well-known names in the world of TV series: Michael Landes, Froy Gutierrez, Harley Quinn Smith, Allius Barnes, Blake Lee and Brooklyn Sudano.

The release of Cruel Summer is expected in Italy in 2021 on Amazon Prime Video. In the meantime, you can enjoy all the news arrived in January 2021 on the platform.

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