Everything we know so far about iPhone 8

5.7'' OLED screen, dual rear camera and wireless charging: two months after the presentation, here's everything you know about IPhone 8

The iPhone of the Decade is one of the most anticipated devices of the year: for several months there are rumors about the possible features and design chosen by Apple. A little more than two months before the official presentation, you can start to outline the official profile of the iPhone 8.

The wait is great, because the Cupertino company should totally change the design of the smartphone, bringing it closer to what has been shown by Samsung and LG in recent months. Bezels of the device increasingly thinner (until they disappear) and display size increasingly large. It is no coincidence that from the rumors released in recent months, the iPhone 8 should have a 5.8-inch screen, but the size of the device should be smaller than the iPhone 7 Plus. As has been the case for a few years now, the iPhone 8 will hit the market by the end of September.

What the iPhone 8 will be called

Let's start with the name. Following the normal numbering, the next applephone should be the iPhone 8. But it most likely won't be. Apple wants to celebrate the 10th anniversary since the release of the first iPhone and it will do so through the name. Instead of the number 8 there will be the words "Edition of the decade". A very peculiar choice, but it will make the iPhone even more iconic.

Addio Touch ID

The Touch ID will not be present on the iPhone 8, neither under the display, nor in the back. Apple has decided to use facial recognition to unlock the device. Moreover, to replace the Touch ID, a function area will probably be inserted at the bottom of the display. In the function area there will be a virtual home button and other features.

Big screen

With the iPhone 8, Apple completely changes its philosophy. Goodbye "small" screens, welcome big display. The iPhone 8 should mount a 5.8-inch OLED display that will occupy most of the front of the device. The size of the smartphone, however, should not be affected: Apple has optimized the space.

Double rear camera and augmented reality

In the back, the iPhone 8 will have a dual rear camera with special features dedicated to augmented reality. Apple, with iOS 11 (operating system present on iPhone 8) will debut ARKit, the platform dedicated to augmented reality. They have already developed the first applications that will allow you to take full advantage of the potential of augmented reality. In addition, in the back will also find a 3D laser sensor that will improve the detection of objects and depth of field. All this to take full advantage of augmented reality.

Wireless Charging

The iPhone 8 will also support wireless charging and for this reason Apple has decided to make the rear shell in glass. Metal, in fact, has compatibility issues with wireless charging and the Cupertino company has decided to make the iPhone of the decade even more unique.

5G? Not on the iPhone 8

After the lawsuit involving Apple and Qualcomm, the Cupertino company has abandoned the San Diego-based company's modems to embrace Intel's. Unfortunately, Intel's modem still doesn't support 5G Gigabit LTE and the iPhone 8 won't be able to achieve very high download speeds.

Tap to wake

The iPhone 8 could also support the tap to wake feature, present on some Windows Phones and the OnePlus. Basically, thanks to tap to wake, you can turn on the smartphone's screen by simply tapping it twice. It could be another alternative to replace the Home button.

Four colors

According to some rumors, the iPhone 8 should come out in four colors, including one "mirror". The rumors come from the Twitter account of Venya Geskin, always well informed about the world of smartphones, but it is very likely that this time it is wrong. In fact, the coloring with "mirror" effect should be none other than the Jet Black already seen on the iPhone 7 and that offers a reflective effect.

How much does iPhone 8 cost

It should not be news: the iPhone 8 will not be cheap. It will be launched in three different versions, each with a different price. The base model with 64GB of internal storage will cost $999, the 256GB version will be priced at $1099, while the 512GB version will require shelling out another $100. As for the price of the iPhone 8 in Italy will most likely be higher and will exceed 1000 euros even for the 64GB version.

When iPhone 8 comes out

As for the presentation and release date of the iPhone 8 there should be no surprises: the device will be launched on the market by the end of September. The presentation will take place a few weeks earlier, around the middle of the same month.