Fidget Spinner, the apps dedicated to the finger spinner are all the rage

In the Google and Apple stores, the apps that simulate the Fidget Spinner are having great success, so much so that they are at the top of the most downloaded apps

It has become so popular that many schools have decided to prevent its use in the classroom. After all, it can't be easy for a teacher to continue the lesson while dozens of finger spins continue to spin. We are talking about the object of the moment: the Fidget Spinner.

The game has been so successful that in a very short time it has also landed on smartphones. Just take a look at the number of applications popping up in stores in recent weeks. Take, for example, the App Store. In first place in the top ten most downloaded apps is Finger Spinner, a digital version of the Fidget Spinner. The application is so appreciated, among the users of the Cupertino house, that it has surpassed some sacred monsters such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. Finger Spinner works like the anti-stress game: the aim, in fact, is to spin the spinning top as quickly as possible.

The Fidget Spinners of the App Store

Finger Spinner is in good company. Still staying in the App Store, we find, in fact, Hand Spin Simulator, another app dedicated to the finger spinner. The app promises to be a good ally against stress: it will be enough to give small "swipe" to the screen to launch the spinner. But the assortment is not finished. Another app available for users of the bitten apple is Fidget Hand Spinner, with which you can also challenge your friends to see who is better at spinning the spinner in the fastest way. The app allows you to get rewards that you can use to unlock other spinners.

The Fidget Spinner apps in the Google Play Store

Let's move on to the Google store now. Let's start by saying that Fidget Spinner apps in the Google Play Store have not been as successful as in Apple's market. In fact, in the ranking of the most popular Android apps at the top are: WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram and Facebook. However, even in the Play Store you can find numerous spinners. Among the most popular apps are: Fidget Hand Spinner -Spintify, Fidget Spinner and Ultra Hand Spinner. The functioning of these three emulators is practically identical. The objective is always to spin the spinner. It changes something about the graphics - Spintify seems to be the best spinner from this point of view - and the functionality offered.