Fortnite, all footballers crazy for the game of Epic Games

From Ibrahimovic to Griezmann, footballers are crazy about Fortnite, so much so that they consider it more stressful than a game on the field.

The world of eSports is attracting more and more sportsmen, but if there is one constant that can be said to be certain, it is the passion of footballers for Fortnite, the famous game by Epic Games.

The most passionate - on paper - is Antoine Griezmann of Atletico Madrid, who has made his own a typical Battle Royale exultation every time his shots find the net. If that wasn't enough, the striker recently told Oh My Goal that it's more stressful to win in Fortnite than to score a goal.

Griezmann must not be the only one who thinks this way, at least judging by the photos that many soccer champions publish on their social networks: from Harry Kane, Tottenham's bomber, to his teammate Dele Alli, passing even the unsuspected Zlatan Ibrahimovic. In some cases, the passion for the video game has even become a problem on the field, as in the case of Mesut Ozil who seems to devote more than 5 hours a day to Fortnite battles, wasting - apparently - precious energy during the much more real soccer matches.